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[SUB] 3-nin no papa (3人のパパ) Episode 07

Sorry for took long hiatus 😫😫
Glad I'm back for subbing now. 🙌
Try to finish subbing this series.
Hope I could finish within this year.🙏
Here the sub for episode 7.
Please enjoy!😋

DOWNLOADCollapse )

[Announcement] Dropped "4-go no Keibi"
Someone already subbing this drama, so maybe i'll drop this project.


3-nin no Papa
3 nin no papa.jpg
Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07

[Announcement] New Project "4-go Keibi"

I will also try to sub this dorama.
But i'm still in the middle translating 3-nin no papa episode 02.
So maybe after that i will sub the episode 01 this dorama.
Hope you guys can wait!! ^^

The sub is up guys!! Thanks for waiting!!
Episode 01

About community + Rules *Please Read*

About community:
I just want to start subbing dorama to improve my japanese
and so i make this community to share my sub.
I'm so sorry. I'm not a professional so i will make a mistake in my sub.
I hope you guys don't mind it.
The sub open for member only.
The community is open membership for now.
Feel free to drop a comment. I'll appreciate it!

Rules on house:

# Please do not streaming it anywhere (example youtube, dailymotion, etc)
# Please do not re-distribute my sub.
# Please do not re-upload my sub.
# Please do not sell my sub.
# Please do not repost my sub anywhere.